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We are an NCFIT PARTNER...
You ask yourself,
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Well it means, we offer world class programming from the best minds in the Fitness World!!

We offer 4 different programs that compliment one another with many different offerings. See below for more details.


NCFIT's flagship High-Intensity GPP CrossFit Class designed on a 60 minute timeline. The most refined GPP program out there. Train to be ready for anything!
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The revolution in functional fitness you’ve been waiting for. NCX combines daily classic strength training and functional conditioning into one highly-effective program.
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A carefully balanced prescription of conditioning, gymnastic skill development, and strength training for the competitor. An additional to your daily work out.
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NCGO is the best High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program for athletes to hit at home, on the road, or just getting after it on the go. This is FSFits exclusive remote training program.
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New To Functional Fitness?

Class Structure

When starting classes at FSFit, you will complete six “on-ramp classes”. These classes are for those who are new to CrossFit and need a little extra attention while getting familiar with the movements. We will help you perfect your technique, while also keeping you safe. After all, we are all here to be healthy and have fun!

CrossFit workouts contain multiple elements. Each day the workouts will contain a mixture of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and cardio vascular training.

FSFit Structure – RX and Scaled, (Modified even more if need to maintain proper form)

The classes at FSFit are set up for everyone’s abilities and skill levels. Each days WOD (Workout of the Day) is prescribed a weighted measurement ,  RX and Scaled.  If there is more modification need the coach will advise.  Modification is a great way to gain progression towards the RX weight.  “Walk before you run.”  FSFit experienced staff will coach you in the right direction to get a challenging work out everyday.  We apply building blocks for every member to crush goals and advance in the gym.  This is a teaching environment, so listen learn and get results.


What does class look like?

Class Example

Example 1:
For Time
21 Wallballs (20/14) *note (men’s weight/women’s weight)
15/12 Calorie Row *
9 Toes to Bar

RXC- 5 Rounds
RX- 4 rounds
Fitness- 3 Rounds

Example 2:
6 Rounds
4 Squat Snatches
8 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
12 Push-ups

RX- 155/115 + Chest to Bar *note (men’s weight/women’s weight)
Scaled- 135/95 + Pull-ups *
Modification- 115/75 + Ring Rows *

All of these workouts can be modified even more if needed. Your coach will advise you to get the proper stimulus to advance to the the next level.

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