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The FSFIT Experience is a very comprehensive framework for starting a fitness program. If you have been on the bubble or not knowing where to start, that is the FSFIT Experience. We get you started on the right path to success. With the right fitness program, accurate nutrition and personal accountability, starting with us will crush your goals

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What is the FSFIT Experience

The FSFIT Experience is the best way to start your fitness journey. So many people walk into a gym and simply do not know what to do or know where to start. At FSFIT we invest a lot of time and knowledge into you starting a fitness program.  We start with day one to get you on the right path to crushing your goals. You will have a strategy and an exact plan to success. The three components to any journey is challenging fitness, accurate nutrition, and strict accountability.


A.I. Nutrition is a science-based custom nutrition plan exactly for your body function. The most accurate method for metabolic and fitness testing. These tests will give us the most accurate information to build your goals and pinpoint your nutrition to the exact calorie. All loaded into a personalized app for tracking your progress.

You, like so many, are looking to improve your health, build your confidence, enhance your appearance and gain a higher quality of life. And whether your specific goal is weight loss, improved fitness levels, or simply feeling better, nutrition is proven to be the most important factor.

Welcome to A.I. Nutrition

A.I. Nutrition (Adequate Intake Nutrition), is the most scientific and comprehensive delivery of personalized nutrition available. Using Metabolic Analysis, A.I. Nutrition precisely calculates the specific nutritional requirements that will deliver the fastest and healthiest results – specifically for you!

In the past, nutrition protocols were largely written as a generalized direction based on macronutrient numbers derived from scale weight. Now, using the most advanced scientific tools available, A.I. Nutrition will eliminate the trial and error that is associated with prior methods.


We want you and your friends here in our #FITFAM.  To do that, we offer all of our members incentive for referring their friends.   A FREE Month to our members for referring every person that signs for a membership.   We know that working out in groups, we perform better.  Having your friends in the gym, is built in accountability and a friendly since of competition .   When you have friends/ workout buddies it makes the experience so much more enjoyable.  You and your friends can get results together.  Bring more to the #FITFAM.


Bring 8 friends or family to sign up for a membership and get 1 YEAR FREE!

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We understand that hitting a goal is tough and it takes work.  At FSFIT we are trying to take the hard part out of getting results.  If you find yourself not knowing what to do and when to do it, you are like most people.  Getting the proper nutrition can be very expensive and sometimes unenjoyable.  Are you the person that doesn’t know what and how to eat for your body? Guess what, that is most people.  Do you go to the gym and wonder what you are going to do that day?  Do you not Finish the workout that day? Again, you are like most people.  Do you lack that extra push and life coach in your corner to hold you accountable to your plan?  This is where EVERYBODY suffers!!  And it takes a TEAM (FAMILY) to push through it.  

We offer a full customized experience, sign in the form below book and appointment with us.  Take advantage of the 6 Week offer and customize your fitness.  We want to take you from where you are now to the NEW you!  Your coach and our entire staff are dedicated to giving you a great experience both at the gym and in life.  Most of all we make it fun and easy!!!  Follow steps 1,2,3 and you are a better version of YOU. 

  1. Fitness
  2. Nutrition

Understanding the fundamentals of how you eat is key to get results.   We teach you how to calculate, plan, prepare and eat for your body.  Getting results through nutrition is easy once you have these fundamentals in place.  You can eat the foods you like and lose weight, gain muscle and or both with out cutting out anything.  Our nutrition program is very robust and will get you the results you have been looking for.

We are offering you a FREE 30 DAY nutrition program with any membership.  We will book a time to sit down assess your likes, dislikes and preferences.  Then we will build a custom nutrition plan based around what will make you the most successful with out sacrificing the enjoyment of eating good food.  We stick to whole foods and healthy options and watch you blossom into the new you.  

Nutrition 80%, Fitness is 20%, You can’t out work a bad diet!”

A solid nutrition plan coupled with a challenging fitness regiment will excel your results.   We will also supply you with the supplements you will need to get your results in a fast and effective way.  We will even give you a 40% off discount code for your supplements for the next 30 days.  Book your appointment today.


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