What We Do...

FSFIT, by Fourth Street CrossFit.  Our group functional fitness classes are designed to help anyone get to their fitness goals.  Each class is lead by one of our expert coaches.  We develop and teach the proper techniques to ensure that we have you moving safely to optimize your fitness ability.  

Our program is built with a warm up, progression work, movement mobility, a lift, the workout and cool down stretch.  All the components to sharpen your iron to become healthy and fit.

All of our members get the FSFIT house nutrition templated plan. Fitness coupled with nutrition is a recipe for success!

A.I. Nutrition (Adequate Intake Nutrition), is the most scientific and comprehensive delivery of personalized nutrition available. Using Metabolic Analysis, A.I. Nutrition precisely calculates the specific nutritional requirements that will deliver the fastest and healthiest results - specifically for you! In the past, nutrition protocols were largely written as a generalized direction based on macronutrient numbers derived from scale weight. Now, using the most advanced scientific tools available, A.I. Nutrition will eliminate the trial and error that is associated with prior methods.

A.I. Nutrition is scientifically proven to be your most accurate method to determine individual nutritional needs and provide the roadmap to your success; Also, A.I. Nutrition uses the most user friendly and thorough tools available, making the journey easier than ever before.

3Points Personal Training is our exclusive personal training program is for people who are more comfortable working out in a more intimate setting, or people who want to spend time working with a coach on a specific skill or goal. We offer 1 on 1 training and small group training up to 4.

3Points PT sessions are 1-hour increments, you will meet with your coach twice a week. Your coach will program your entire week outside of the in-person sessions.You will get the top A.I. Nutrition package with metabolic testing and custom-built nutrition from a certified nutritionist based on your testing.

3Points PT is the most comprehensive fitness program. Come meet with us and establish your goals